Light Bulb Speaker

If you’re looking to put an audio system in your room or office, and don’t want to go through all the hassles of setting up, routing wires, finding space, etc., you might want to consider the AudioBulb. What it is is a revolutionary wireless music (and lighting) system that rethinks how you play music throughout your home or office. To operate, simply twist the bulb into any standard light socket, power up, connect your device (Apple 30-pin or aux in) to the standalone base and press play. That’s it. Installation and operation in one sentence. You can also buy more bulbs and extend your range as the system can accommodate up to 8 bulbs at once.

The AudioBulb is just one example of the models available for this bulb-light-wireless speaker system craze. It is made by GiiNii. Other brands and models are also available.

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