Mosquito Net Pants

Some people really love their shorts; to some, it’s a fashion statement (think Steve Irwin), to others, well, it’s just too damn hot. Unfortunately, wearing them means exposing your legs to the elements. And, if you’re a travel adventurer cum crocodile hunter, you’ll have a horde of bugs feasting on your legs in no time. Mosquitoes? Damn, those are really buggy. Worse, they carry life-threatening diseases (knock on wood).

Coghlan’s Bug Pants are must-haves if you want to tackle nature. They’re very light, made from 100% polyester, flame retardant, and keep you cool. More importantly, they’re so unobtrusive you won’t even notice they’re there. Save yourself the hassle and get yourself a pair. Uses drawstring-style waist and cuffs tightening. Follow the link below for more information.


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