Penis-shaped Egg Mold

Hilarious! Stick a hotdog in there and you’re done! The penis-shaped (cooked) egg is formed using two raw eggs—that is ingeniously funny—and the bulk of the eggs will make up the, well, the eggs (balls). Get your daily dose of protein in the morning by sticking this whatever-it-is in your mouth!

After this, what’s next? Boob-shaped egg mold? Oh, wait, they already have that!

Sold by OMG International, Inc. via various online shopping sites.

The egg mold is non-stick. Ships at 2.6 ounces. Visit the website to view the boob-shaped mold.


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February 12, 2018 update:

Now with over 32 5-star reviews! Come on, folks, it’s an egg mold—pretty much nothing wrong can go with this product.

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