Pet Hair Catcher for Washing Machines

If you are into sorcery and, well, sorcerous objects, then this magical godsend is something worth your attention. Of course, you also need to be interested in pets—or at least own a fur ball or two—and also own a washing machine. Okay, if this is starting to become more and more distant to your interests, it’s fine, we know this product serves a wide enough audience to be worth a post on this site.

Now, without further ado, we present to you, magical pet hair catchers that filter lint, and hair, and traps them in a neat mesh bag. Not what you expected? Think again, this thing does it all automatically with just the power of static electricity. Imagine all the time you are going to be able to save. Obviously, pet owners get the most use out of this deal, but still. It works with human hair, lint, any fibers that do not belong to a living creature is out.

Not your typical washing machine ball.

The bag acts as the container for the powdered detergent and the actual lint trap.

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Just in case you feel weird about the design and would like to stick to more traditional, tried-and-tested products, you can buy the more conventional ball-type pet hair catcher for washing machines.

See below.

These also increase friction that helps clean the clothes easier.

Sold as a set of 12. Simply put in the washer and machine wash away!

Check current price here.

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