Pocketed Bra

The JoeyBra is a fully-functional, sexy bra that has two very useable side pockets; the pockets are big enough to hold even cellphones. Leave your purse unguarded without worrying while hitting the dance floor. Go running without having to worry about anything flying off your pockets. The uses are endless. Besides, women stuff stuff in there anyway. The JoeyBra just made it a little better. The clever design also ensures the fit does not change no matter how much you put in. Looks exactly like any other bra; wear it at night or during the day, with any dress you desire. Try buying a bra online here where you can choose your favorite colors.

Made from 100% polyester. Uses a hook and eye closure system. Has lace detail and is available in black and snow leopard. Lightly padded push-up with removable straps. Truly, there is nothing this bra can’t do. Follow the link below to view more details.


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