Portable Hydrogen Reactor

The future is slowly becoming; this James Bond-like gadget produces green energy on the go. By fusing hydrogen and oxygen together, the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor is able to generate electricity that can be used to power (or charge) USB devices like smartphones, tablets, rechargeable lights, GPS transceivers and more. Imagine what the last-mentioned can do to middle-of-nowhere situations!

The reactor uses a supplied Hydrogen Core which is capable of giving 5 volts in 2 amperes of power, or the rough equivalent of six full iPhone charges. The electricity produced is also in solid state, which means power stays true till the end (no discharge). The core can be purchased per piece, or recharged from water using a separate hydrolizer.

The device measures 13.5 centimeters long, 7.3 tall, and 3.4 wide. Weighs a very-light 242 grams. Definitely top technology. Get yours now! Follow the link below for complete product details.


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