Power-assist Bicycle Wheel

Turn any bicycle into an electric, power-assisted one by simply replacing the wheel. This clever wheel harnesses Formula 1 technology with regenerative braking—the process of capturing (otherwise) wasted energy when braking or going downhill. The energy is then stored in an integrated lithium battery pack. When extra power is needed—when the rider pedals harder such as when going uphill—the wheel pushes with its internal electric motor. All this is done in a seamless manner, without the need for a throttle, preserving the normal biking experience. It also comes with a mobile app with which users can unlock the full potential of the wheel, as well as a menu of customizable rides and to track usage statistics, among others.

The high-tech wheel is called The Copenhagen Wheel and is a product of environmentally-conscious, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based outfit, Superpedestrian. Click on the link below to visit their official site.


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