Real Rock Key Hider

Some people would really rather hide their keys in the most obscure places than keeping them in their person. This opens up a couple of problems, though: first, hiding places have somewhat become commonplace—under the doormat, on the sun visor in cars—and obviously poses risks. Second, with too much stuff going on (on life, in general), people simply forget.

The Real Rock Key Holder addresses these because, one, it’s a real-ass rock that blends completely with nature, and two, it’s a big-ass rock.

The blend-in stones have been drilled with a compartment big enough to fit normal-sized keys. All of this is protected by a removable rubber plug. Obviously, no two of these are the same. Drill your own rock if you will. If not, check out the link below and get one for just about the same price one would pay for a, well, a rock.


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