“Reserved” Beach Towel

Nothing could be worse than having your precious little beach lounger taken from under your nose after you’ve fought and waited hard for it. You finally get a spot, decide to take a dip before basking in the sun, then boom! You’re a homeless beach bum back to square one. Of course it would help if you had some company, but sometimes it’s really just you and Mother Nature.

Okay, this is a freaking beach towel with a big-ass “RESERVED” printed on it. Nothing more. It’s a nice towel to have; it’s good as a towel, and good as a chair guard. Made from 100% cotton. Measures 60 by 30 inches which is huge and can cover the adirondack chairs. Follow the link below for more details.


This smart chair uses technological advances and simple physics to self-sustain power on its built-in light. Nano-dynamo technology is built into the skids of the chair, which transfers enough energy towards the bulb. The newly-developed, low-consumption LEDs make it possible to sustain usable light with very little electricity. Another cool feature of the chair is that energy is stored (instead of used) in a battery pack during daylight. The chair is a creation of American Rochus Jacob and is called the Murakami; it was first featured on designboommagazine.

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