Ring Watch

The ring watch, or ring clock, is quite simply a gorgeous and unique timepiece that is very nice to have. The simple and clean design is very useful, playful, and efficient. The group behind it has been perfecting and improving the design since 2011. The product, designed by Gusztav Szikszai, started out as one of those kick-starter businesses and has taken off ever since due to demand. The time is displayed (turned on) when you rotate the ring. LEDs light up the corresponding hours, minutes, and even seconds to represent the time. In addition, it charges wirelessly via a charging pad. It also features cutting-edge technology with its ultra-thin battery and energy-saving LEDs.

Made from allergy-free 316L stainless steel that is used in medical tools. A very, very nice and must-have gadget indeed. Follow the link below for more details and photos, sizing, and ordering information.


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