This Giant Rook Is Actually a Chess Set In Disguise

If you are looking for the most awesome chess set that you can own, this is a definite candidate. The giant rook tower stands 14 inches tall. You can see that there is a board that wraps around it, so when you “unwrap” it, you reveal the pieces in a neatly stacked manner. Just look at the photos. Pretty much self-explanatory.

Each tower is handmade, so expect to pay a premium. But still, at $149 retail price we think this is quite a steal. The whole thing is made from beautiful alder wood and plywood.

Playfield measures 14 by 14 inches. The kings stands 3.2 inches tall, with pawns at roughly 2 inches each. Not that big, but definitely not small and still comfortably playable.

Click on this link to check the seller’s page and to confirm availability.

Mark Rovez

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