Sandwich Bag Stand

This next mom tool is the Jokari hands-free Baggy Rack storage slash sandwich bag holder. A full-time mom would truly understand the importance of this. As a busy homemaker, you’d need all the help you can get. However, help is almost non-existent when all you have are young, rowdy kids trying to ruin every conceivable household item they can get their hands on. The Baggy Rack holds a sandwich bag open for you, while you stuff them with leftover food or other storage-ready items. It has a non-slip rubber base, clips to hold either side of the bags, and adjustable arms that can accommodate different bag sizes. You can also use it to hold rinsed bags for drying. It folds flat for easy storage as well. A very useful household item indeed!

Follow the link below for more details and actual reviews, and to view more interesting household stuff from Jokari.


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