The Santa Beard Face Mask Is the Only Appropriate Mask This Christmas

This Christmas season, gatherings are going to be a plenty. Hopefully, everyone will be covering up to keep safe, even though it becomes harder to convey one’s feelings or mood. Well, most people’s faces will be hidden by as as much as half so how are you going to see their reactions? Enter the Santa beard face mask. This mask will surely get you and everyone in a very merry-making mood. After all, Santa is never not happy or in a giving mood.

Santa beard face mask
Santa beard mask

Okay, it’s basically a face mask with a giant white beard mustache attached to it. But that really is the only way to Santa-fy a mask, right? Just make sure the base color is red. And maybe partner it up with a Santa hat to complete the look—that is if you’re not going for the full Santa.

Couple costume?

Click here for the product page (sold as a pack of 2).

Other variations are available from the same link.

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