These Shoe Insoles Have a Secret Storage Compartment

Ever do the old secret stash in the shoe trick? Well, this product will let you do that in a more civilized and efficient manner. Called Storage Soles, these, well, soles have a removable and covered compartment at the heel area, which is neatly tucked within the sole itself. It goes on the underside of the sole so even if you were to remove your shoe for inspection, it appear as if it were a normal sole. Plus, having it this way means not feeling the bulge or anything irregular on your foot, so you can go on with having a normal day.

The soles can fit sizes 8 to 12 for men, and 10 to 14 for women. You simply trim them on the pre-marked outline at the bottom. Made from high-quality foam similar to top insole brands.

Click here to check them out.

Hide that key, cash, medicine, or even contraband. (No, don’t do that.)

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