The Shark Sushi Plate

As if eating sushi could not get more fun, wait till you see the shark sushi platter. This hand-painted ceramic food tray is the perfect size for a sushi plate, at it also naturally comes with a built-in soy sauce container and chopstick rest. Of course, the shark’s head for the former and the tail for the latter.

Perfect combination.

However, we have seen a number of variations of the basic layout of this dish, particularly with the tail. Some come with an octopus tail at the end which acts as a sauce holder, and we also saw one that does not even have a tail. Either way, we are linking to the original one—the one with the tail as a chopstick rest.

Looks nice and menacing at the same time.

Link below is of the one in the photo above.

Available on for $34.99

View from the top.
Slightly different variation.

The featured image above shows the one without a tail but comes with an octopus tentacle soy sauce holder.

Mark Rovez

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