11 Shark Toys That Are Safe for Toddlers

For this list, we single out the cutest of the human race—toddlers—and pair them with the vicious creatures on the planet—sharks. Why? Not sure, to be honest. It just makes for a cute combination. So, yes, below is the preliminary list of shark Baby toys to pick for toddlers. Do note that we will be updating this list as much as we can, for as long as we can. Hope you enjoy and find the the one for your most precious.

A toddler, by the way, is universally defined as a child aged 12 months to 36 months. We will stick to this definition; but, since it goes up to 3 years of age, some toys may still not be suitable for the youngest of toddlers (12-18 months).

Build-A-Bear® Shark Week Whale Shark

First up, the cutest toy shark toy that we found (quite possibly). This plushie is an original Build-A-Bear®, so you know that it is top quality. It also happens to be a special run in celebration of Shark Week (Discovery Channel). This, as with any Build-A-Bear®, can be customized with a myriad of unique outfits and accessories. And oh, there’s also a tiger shark variant. Good enough for you?


2-Foot Long Hammerhead Shark Stuffed Toy

Why not give stuffed shark that is nearly as big as him/her? Toddlers will surely enjoy wrestling with this hammerhead plushie by Viahart. The toy is securely sewn to toy-safety standards so the innards will surely not get exposed. It is also free from lead, BPA and heavy metals so this surely safe for the young ones.

The brand Viahart also happens to make other stuffed sharks such as these.


Baby Shark Official Sound Book

Hi! This is our top choice from this list of shark toys for toddlers.

Yes, “Baby Shark,” that mega-viral song that currently has 3.3 billion views (billion, not million) eventually branched out to merchandise. This one is officially under the Pinkfong brand, which we all know is the name of the YouTube channel that originally released the video.

But don’t worry, this sound book does not only have “Baby Shark.” It actually has 10 songs, each with its own colorful illustration (with lyrics). There are 10 big buttons on the side tailor-made for small hands; each button corresponds with each song. However, if you’re looking for an alternative sound soother toy with star projection to help your kids enjoy and feel comfortable while listening to the sounds, you can visit http://www.lumieworld.com/ to choose from a variety of toys.

Hey! This is our top pick among the shark toys for toddlers on this list.


Baby Shark Official Dancing Doll

Official Baby Shark Dancing Stuffed Toy

More official Pinkfong stuff, because why not? This one needs a simple tap on the head for him to dance and sing to the song. See it in action here. Apparently it also responds with a fun reaction if you call it “baby shark.”

Bear with us, there are more official Baby Shark toys for toddlers below.


Crayola Mess-Free Baby Shark Coloring Set

Told you there was more. This is one is for the “older toddlers,” particularly those towards the end of the toddler stage. It’s a coloring set that contains 18 Baby Shark coloring pages. It comes with 5 Crayola Color Wonder markers—these are the markers wherein the color appears only on the special pages, and not on the skin. So basically they appear as transparent. And, it’s from Crayola also so you know that there is quality there.


Crayola Baby Shark Color & Sticker

Crayola Baby Shark Color & Sticker

This next one is a little similar, but just not quite that it deserves its own listing. While it is also made by Crayola, this one contains sticker sheets (with stickers, of course), and 32 coloring sheets. The sheets are regular ones wherein your toddler can simply use crayons or colored pencils.


Okay, on with the second part of our shark toys for toddlers list.

Great White Shark Snapper

Strictly 30-36 months only.

Okay, this is the one that goes snap-snap by virtue of a trigger at the end of the stick. You small one can use it as a sort of puppet toy, or for plain entertainment only. As for adults, well, you can use it to grab stuff so as not to bend that bad back of yours. The entire toy measures 18 inches long. Made from non-toxic materials and is free from BPA.


Shark Tail Blanket

Okay, maybe this is technically not a toy, and maybe the model on the product photo is way too big to be a toddler, but it can still jump-start play time. Also, this is the smallest that we have found. Besides, it only measures 44 inches long so that should should fit a lot of kiddos. Kids these days are huge, by the way! This blanket is made by Sinogem. Best for movie time, story time, sleepy time, camping, and sleepovers.

Or maybe you can try the one from the original Snuggie Tails.


Baby Shark Wooden Sound Puzzle

Let me tell you something, my 20-month-old loves his wooden puzzle thingy. About 18-20 months is also the time they develop the ability to solve these fit-to-shape puzzles. So, yes, these are real parent-approved. This one, on the other hand, combines “Baby Shark” (again, sorry) the song to make puzzle-solving more exciting. And yes, you guessed it right, the shark puzzle pieces are baby shark, mommy shark, daddy shark, grandma shark, and grandpa shark (whew).


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Shark Toss and Catch Nets

Start them young, right? I swear, two- to three-year-olds will have not problem developing the motor skills to start playing catch. And, what better way to use this shark-shaped toss & catch. Includes two shark net catchers and two balls. Perfect pool or lawn toy. The net catchers measures only 9 inches long so it’s perfect for small hands.


Shark Family Bath Tub Toy

What’s a shark toys for toddlers list without a rubber ducky thingy (rubber sharky?)? This one is not only a shark, but a family of sharks. They’re water squirters, of course. Included are the mother shark, with her 3 cute, but still ferocious babies. Free of phthalate—because you know that baby is sure to put this in his/her mouth! Made by Playmaker Toys and also available as a 2-pack.







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