Shotgun Shell Coasters

When it comes to gun lovers, it might seem easy to find them the right gift for the holidays, but a quick web search shows that there are more choices for gun accessories out there than you can imagine. How do you know which one to pick? And how do you figure out which options are junk and which ones are quality?

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Look no further! If you’re searching for the right gift for the gun lover in your life, this list will help you look in the right direction.

Gift Card for Their Favorite Range

While it might not seem like it, range time and ammo can get expensive for a gun nut but if you are buying the real deal get the rifle scopes. Getting them a gift card for their local range (when possible; some gun clubs don’t really offer them) can be a big help, especially with the current price of ammo.

The must-have coaster set for tabletops that need protection. Want to keep hands away from your precious baked turkey? Set it near these and everyone will surely stray away. The unique coasters are hand-painted to resemble the ends of a 12-gauge shotgun shell. Also comes with a holder that looks like part of the case of the bullet. The coasters also have foam pads to protect table surfaces and to prevent slippage.

Follow the link below for more details. Coasters measure approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. Holder measures 1.5 inches high.


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