This Silicone Flower Vase Is Fun and Sticks Anywhere

Silicone Flower Vase

If you love having fresh flowers in your place, chances are you have a collection of mini, ready-on-short-notice vases. While that works, this new solution that we are proposing is not only more fun, but more convenient and less obtrusive. Enter the silicone flower vase.

Yes, it is a vase made of silicone—half of a vase, actually—that sticks vertically on virtually any surface. Ever set a (regular) flower vase on a table only to knock it over come dinner time? Or maybe you have kids running around the house 24/7 with no regard for treading lightly? Oh, the mess that it makes. With the silicone flower vase, all you have to do is stick it on your ref, your window, your mirror, your wall (?) and voila! Fresh, lovely flowers at your disposal—anywhere you wish. Try knocking these over.

Price as of posting: $6.95

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silicone vase
It sticks on virtually any surface!
Flowers on a rainy day by the window? Yes, you can!

Silicone Flower Vase Features

  • Strong adsorption — No need to use glue or nails. Just make sure both surfaces are clean and they will stick together, forever.
  • Reusable — Obviously you can reuse these as often as you want, so long as you give it a reasonable amount of care. After all, nothing is unbreakable, not even these.
  • Multi-function — Okay, what we mean by this is that you can use it at home, on events, weddings, parties, festivities, you get the drift.
  • Shatterproof — Well, it’s silicone. Need we say more? Okay, it’s made of some space-age nano-polymer material which the manufacturer claims cannot be broken. True story.
  • Dimensions — 5.9 inches (or 15 centimeters) squared. Thickness (on the thickest part is approximately 0.95 of an inch.
shatterproof silicone flower vase
Try breaking one of these! Yes, they’re shatterproof!
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