Silver Sphere Hard Drive

Presenting the most awesome external hard drive available to man. The silver-laden LaCie Christofle Sphère (it was designed by a design firm called Christofle, from Normandy, France, that is obsessed with silver) is all she wrote and more. It’s actually a 1-terabyte unit which is enough to store your whole life in photos and videos, making it even more valuable. Plus, it’s only about twice the price of a regular terabyte HD so it’s actually a bargain, especially with all that silver in the large surface area. The sphere is handcrafted cast metal and silver plated in France.

Uses USB 3.0 (backwards compatible) technology for ultra fast transfer rates. No power adapters needed. Comes with proprietary LaCie software. It measures 13.4 centimeters in diameter and weighs half a kilogram. Follow the link below to visit the official site.


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