Sleeping Bag With Legs

While some would argue that this is quite simply a thick one-piece suit, we will stick to calling it a sleeping bag with legs. It’s catchier that way, and to be honest, it’s too thick to walk around with anyways. (And don’t even get us started on calling it sleeping bag with arms.)

Called Selk’bag, these sleepers offer two layers of insulation to tackle the briskest of weathers. It has an insulated hood, elastic hand enclosures, leg vents for when things get a little too hot, built-in and removable booties, and pockets all over. The zip-off booties enable you to wear your own shoes when needed, without losing any insulation.

The idea is to be able to use the suit while doing light chores near the campsite—cooking, cleaning, setting up the campfire, cooking hot dogs with marshmallows—all while being able to get comfy and sleep in short notice.

The Selk’bag is offered in four colors, aptly named the following: black shark, blue puffin, chili river, green pasture, lemon river, and purple evening. Seriously. Size-wise, they have small—recommended for people up to 1.5 meters tall—and extra large for people up to 1.93 meters tall.

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