Space Invaders Heat-Changing Mug

We all have that one geeky friend who pretty much lives on video games, comic books, and every gadget on the planet. It can sometimes be very difficult to find a present for that one friend, am I right? Well, if you’re looking for the perfect gift, then this heat-changing retro Space Invaders mug is probably one of the best choices out there.

This unique mug is perfect for any geek or gamer who loves retro games. The iconic arcade game is turned on when you put hot liquid to the mug as the actual game appears on its black screens. Moreover, each refill comes with a new batch of enemies. How cool is that?

The heat-changing mug has two screens on each side. It is filled with the retro Space Invaders design which captures a captivating nostalgic look that all geeks fell in love with. Made of ceramic, it is recommended to only apply hand-wash cleaning to avoid damaging the heat-changing feature of the product. It is also not microwavable.

The retro Space Invaders mug is able to hold 10 oz. It stands at 3.1 inches tall x 4.7 inches wide, and 3.7 inches deep.

Sells for: $10


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