10 Hottest Gifts for the Sriracha Lover

See what we did there? Know someone who swears by this Thailand-originated hot sauce? (Originated because apparently it is now made in California.) If you do, then chances are they would greatly appreciate a gift that is related to their favorite condiment. Below, we have listed X of the most the most relevant Sriracha gifts that can be bought right now.

So, yes, may this list should help you find some Sriracha items for that special someone celebrating that special something. And no, this is not one of those rehashed lists that contain the usual Sriracha gifts such as shirts, key chains, and cookbooks. And, we swear to update this list whenever a hot Sriracha-related items surfaces.

Sriracha Gifts

Sriracha Key Chain

Let’s start with the most famous one, shall we? After all, the usefulness of this trumps all of the other items in terms of professing one’s allegiance to the sauce.

The Sriracha key chain, is, well, a key chain that contains the actual sauce. It comes with its own carabiner hook, so I personally would not call it a key chain. More like a gadget that you can hook to your belt hooks, or to your bag or something. It now comes in 2 sizes—1 ounce and 1.69 ounces. It’s refillable for life, and there’s also a cheaper version that does not contain the sauce (you actually save a lot more going this route).


Sriracha Candy Canes

For those who love their sweets as much as their spices, we got the best of both worlds with the Sriracha candy canes by J&D’s. We featured this over 5 years ago (has it really been that long?) and I do remember it as a hit on our social media pages. However, it seems that its Amazon.com listing is now showing currently unavailable. Maybe it’s seasonal? Quite a shame since majority of our staff ranked this really high on this list, hence the number 2 position. Expect an update to this post once we get to the bottom of this.

$5.98 (price based on our old blog post)

More Sriracha Gifts…

Sriracha Lip Balm

This lip balm goes next because it’s made by the same company that made the candy canes—J&D’s. In fact, the next product is also theirs; we just grouped them together for better organization.

So, what can we say about this lip balm? It’s fiery, that’s for sure. They call it the rooster sauce for your face. And get this—it’s legit! It has an SPF 15 protection rating so it won’t let your lips burn (or will it?). However, it might make you constantly crave fried rice, though.

$3.99 (price based on J&D’s website)

Sriracha Seasoning

Like we mentioned above, J&D’s has another product in this list. However, we found out that there is an even more popular Sriracha-based seasoning by McCormick. So, we decided to make a two-in-one since they both fall under the same category anyway, albeit slightly different in presentation.

The J&D’s one is called Seasoning & Rub (for steaks, I’m guessing) and the McCormick Gourmet one is simply called Sriracha Seasoning.

J&D’s: $5.99 retail
McCormick Gourmet: $4.26

Sriracha Coffee Mug

Apologies for including a coffee mug—we swear this is the only one. Okay, back to the commentary. This mug is legit! According to the product page, it is licensed from the company—the Huy Fong Foods, Inc. company that started the sauce. It is, however, a product of the same company that sells the key chain, Sriracha2Go.

Don’t let the volume measurements on the mug fool you, they are from the sauce. This mug holds 20 ounces of liquid so it is on the large side. Red and green colored. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Sriracha T-Shirt

What better way of professing your loyalty to the sauce that with a bright red tee that screams Sriracha? None, to be honest. So, this is reserved for the hardcore hot saucers—those who probably own a few of the items in this list already. This is listed as men’s size, but so as not to be anti-feminist, this is unisex.

Available in red and white (base color). Goes up to XXL size. Available from a number of sellers online, so we’re not really sure which one is officially licensed. Sorry.


Sriracha Onesies

What about some adorable Sriracha sauce onesies for your little one? It comes with a green beanie so you know it mimics the bottle as it should. Great for parents who love the sauce. These onesies are on fire, by the way. Check out the link below for some variations. It is also available for the bigger kids, and, of course, mommy and daddy.

Previously featured

Sriracha Sippy Cup

Much like the onesie above, make sure to complete your young one’s Sriracha training by continuing on to their latter years. Once they make the switch from milk bottle to sippy cup, they’re good to go. With this Sriracha-inspired one, they’ll be sure to continue their curiosity with this green and red theme, and eventually ingrain it in their young minds—eventually becoming Sriracha consumers themselves. Also makes an excellent choice to consider as one of your Sriracha gifts.

Check out the price here

Sriracha Beanie

Go get an official Sriracha beanie if you want to stay warm hot (see what we did there?) . This one-size-fits-all hat, as mentioned above, is actually is being sold at the official company website. So, yes the is 100% lee-git. The shop ships worldwide.

Costs $8.00

Christmas Pajama Pants

This is another official-merchandise offering from the actual company that produces the awesome sauce. Well, Christmas pajamas, what else? It’s for men—as per the product page—but we’re sure you ladies can boyfriend-pants style it up if that’s your thing.

Starts at $12.00 and is available in large and extra large.






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