These Sriracha Sauce Onesies Are on Fire

See what we did there? If you want to spice up your onesie game and make your toddler or little one stand out like no other, then do so with a Sriracha sauce onesie. Some of these onesies are the real, full deal, with green hoods that look like the actual cap of the sauce. The ensemble, from afar looks like the bottle.

Just click to see some of the sample Sriracha onesies we found below.

Adorable, ain’t it?

The set above, we believe, is a custom ensemble that consists of this plain onesie and topped with a homemade crocheted beanie and that hot sauce plushie thing.

The one above can be had for $29, but you already have the beanie (bottle cap) to pair it with so that might actually be a more convenient option.

For young kids.

Now, if you need something for the bigger kids, you can check out the one above. This can actually be bought over at Walmart, so you know it’s licensed. I think the brand is Webundies.

So, there you go. Sriracha hot sauce onesies if you wanna light up the next occasion.

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