Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Slicer

It’s a known fact: Trekkies love pizza—especially when they sit on their couch all day watching Star Trek reruns. What we have here is a novelty pizza cutter, modeled after the legendary USS Enterprise. It is even marked with the original “NCC-1701” from the original series. The cutter is of high quality; the blade is made from laser-etched stainless steel, and the hull and warp nacelles (grip area) from zinc-chromium. The product is officially licensed. The only way to enjoy pizza if you are a true fan, and the only pizza cutter you’ll ever need on the final frontier.

Boldly go where no pizza has gone before.

Sold by ThinkGeek, fulfilled by Measures 6 inches long and weighs 3.5 ounces. Follow the link below for more details.


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Mark Rovez

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