“Taxi” Mittens

Hailing a taxi is hard enough, but when you add the freezing chills of winter this crazy polar vertex, you’d probably best stay indoors and spend the night homeless. Good thing there’s a product that addresses these matters. The “Taxi” mitten from renowned luxury brand Kate Spade is a godsend when your out in the cold battling for the next available cab. Its bold black letters set in yellow is sure to get the attention of passenger-hungry drivers, who wouldn’t have the slightest doubt you’re calling them instead of just waving to somebody from afar. It’s a clever and very uncomplicated product. It’s something you should definitely have.

Made from 100% Merino wool and comes in a gift-ready box. Imported. A Kate Spade original. Watch out for cheap knock-offs. Follow the link below to view the official product page.


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Mark Rovez

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