Tequila Barrel Bar Stools

Fancy some bar stools made from reclaimed tequila barrels? In here we have compiled a number of options worth considering if you are in the market for some. The reclaimed wood from the staves of oak barrels gives that super rustic feel which is sure to give any bar or home the accent they have been looking for.

Tequila Barrel Stave Stool by Great Blue Heron Furniture

$449 during non-sale days

This stave bar stool (sold by Great Blue Heron) is made using real, reclaimed barrel staves that they fitted over a sturdy metal frame. No need to worry about the staves failing or breaking as they have a metal back support which takes the bulk of the weight.

It sells for $449 (02/02/2021) from this link.

We also found a very similar stool over at Black Forest Decor which, we’re pretty sure is made by the same company, but is selling for a slightly higher price at $499.95 (02/02/2021).

Tequila Barrel Stave Stool by Wine Enthusiast

Bar-height stools made from reclaimed tequila barrels

February 2, 2021 update

Product is currently out of stock from this link. Kindly let us know if you still clicked and there are already stocks.

If you have seen something here before that is no longer listed, do realize that we update this post often to reflect those that are only still showing on the links. All non-available products redirecting to broken links are removed whenever possible.

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