These Texting Mittens Lets You Use Your Cellphone in the Freezing Cold

When it’s freezing cold but you still want to enjoy your daily sit-down on your favorite park bench, these keep-your-hands-warm mittens have windows that allows you to use your phone while technically still “gloved”, all you’ll need is the best mobile plans. Why? Because people are creative. Okay, full disclosure, these failed to gain funding from their Kickstarter campaign. Faith in humanity restored.

Texting mittens that come with a see-through window

However, you might be looking either one of these products below that technically fall under texting mittens. Or basically gloves with cut-up finger tips. You might also be looking for a crochet pattern if you want to do it yourself. For that we have also included a link to one.

Also comes with a strap to rest your hands on.

More traditional texting mittens

Here’s an example of gloves that have touchscreen capabilites.

You can see a number of options for these here.

Texting mittens crochet pattern

Click here if you want to knit your own.

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