These Board Shorts Come with Waterproof Pockets

And not just any “waterproof,” but IPX8 certified – 100 ft/30 m WATERPROOF.

Okay, noted. However, there’s a problem—as of this moment, the shorts are still in funding mode. BUT, that’s not to say that it won’t come to fruition because as of this moment, funding is already way above it’s original goal. So, yes, deliveries might come in as early as August of this year (2018).

BUT, does there not exist shorts of this kind? After all, it’s not as if it’s a million-dollar idea. And besides, board shorts really are meant for the water. First, the original waterproof shorts (linked above; also featured here before) had a failed funding campaign so they did not reach production. Quite surprising, if you ask me, as shorts are not really capital-exhaustive to produce. And, those shorts were featured on viral websites here and there so it did get the media exposure it needed. Well, that’s all in the past now, so let’s move on.

Dubbed the Aquanautia, this new, made-by-another-person attempt at waterproofing shorts features a unique, self-closing magnetic technology for the pockets. This means that you’ll never forget to seal it no matter what. It also means that it’s really waterproof—well, that’s what’s written on the site, anyway. But they sure look serious about the extent of the waterproofing, to be honest, because they are giving each pair a 5-year warranty. And, I think their IPX8 certification is legit.

One other thing that caught my attention on their product page is a short (and small) line of text that reads “Engineered by Gooper Hermetic”. So, after googling what the hell that was all about, I found out that Gooper Hermetic is Gooper Hermetic Ltd., a leading manufacturer of dry bags. So yes, I guess they really mean business.

What else? Well, they say that the magnets also wont affect credit cards and phones, but of course this is not yet confirmed by any third-party testers (customers).

Lots of features for board shorts.

The actual material of the shorts are also water repelling, stain resistant, and also dry much faster than other comparable fabrics. There’s also an adjustable waistband which can reduce the fit to up to half a size.

More features, yo.

And finally, to hit the hipster nail in the head, the fabric as they claim, is made from 92% recycled bottles. Not really sure how that works or how they even came up with that number, but it sure adds to the appeal. After all, the main demographic for these are probably the Earth-hugging, hipster surfers-cum-wanderers who post wanderlust tweets in between travel adventures. But hey, the creator who goes by the name Rishi Thornhill is actually a solo-backpacking surfer adventurer who fits the target demographic to a T. According to him, he conceptualized the idea when, in 2004, his phone and wallet got stolen at the beach.

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Above: Rishi Thornhill, creator of the Aquanautia demonstrating the “waterproofness” of his product with a passport and a credit card.

Shorts come in 9-inch “long” and 5-inch “short” versions. Upon checking there are four (4) colors, and sizing for men and women from S to XXXL. Pretty much covers all body types.

Check them out pre-order now!

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