These Lamps Are Made from Real, Salvaged Logs

How much more nature-lover can you get? These tree trunks are the real deal. What that means is no two log-lights can be the same (as per Mother Nature). Known as the Cracked Log Lamp, the tree (or what’s left of it) sheds light through (you guessed it) cracks on the log. It’s made by an Australian company named Duncan Meerding. According to their site, they are a furniture and lighting maker based in Hobart, Tasmania.

So apparently, these salvaged logs would have been burnt if not for this basic up-cycling effort. The logs, known as refuse logs,  are rendered rather unusable to to the naturally-occurring cracks. But hey, take its worst quality and turn it into the focal point of a new invention—noble, indeed. Add a warm white light inside and the light pattern coming through each uniquely-cracked (and shaped) log is a far cry from the fiery fate that these otherwise-wasted timber would have faced.

Shown here is the pendant light version.

Of course, these are bulky enough to be used as  stools. However, Duncan Meerding recommends it for dry, indoor use only. But, and this is a big but, they also have a smaller, hanging pendant version.

Wired for Australian power outlets; comes with an inline switch. Edison-style bulb-screw fitting. Measures approximately 23 by 20 centimeters (floor version). Weighs a ton.

Availble for shipping outside Australia and they will include a plug adapter. Good deal.

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