Thong Bleacher Cushion

Bleachers were made for normal folks like you and me. It’s not the best, for sure, but it’s not the worst either. Especially if you know you’re surrounded by like-minded, fun people who share the same level of passion as you—for the game, for the sport, for your kids playing, whatever. Unfortunately, the level of comfort it brings is very limited—especially for your ass.

The Sweet Cheeks Bleacher Tooshie Cushy will definitely give your bottom some much-needed cushioning, and a laugh for you and your fellow bleacherers. It’s perfect for girls wearing shorts, but will work for anyone, including guys. From behind, it will look like you’re wearing a hot red thong; there’s even a bonus tramp stamp graphic! People will surely freak at first, and will surely have a good laugh once they realize what it really is.

The Tooshie Cushy—a fun novelty item you should really have. Just follow the link below for complete details.


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