You Can Knit the Tiger King Joe Exotic With This Crochet Pattern

Times are strange; outlandish, gun-toting, mullet-wearing tiger tamers are all the rage, thanks to Netflix’s Tiger King. And yes, add to that, it is also the perfect time to pick-up or rekindle a hobby such as knitting. So, the perfect marriage for the two, then, would be this amigurumi of the man himself—Joe Exotic.

Of course it also includes a tiger (or is that a cat?)

The pattern also includes a miniature tiger cub (of course). Joe stands 12.5 inches tall and the cub, 3.25 inches tall.

Uncanny resemblance!

The pattern is a whopping 21 pages long (but hey, you have time) and super detailed, with as much as 57 photos. It is rated as applicable even for beginners, and easy for advanced crocheters.

These are patterns only, okay?

Available at crafyiscoolcrochet over at Etsy for only $7.00.

Cute cub.

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