Time-in-words Watch

What we have here is a watch that tells time. Of course, all watches already do that, so, the big deal here is that this watch tells you the time as if it was talking to you. It tells the time in readable and correct phrases. For example: “It is half past seven.” Yep, it’s a watch that’s not content with simple numbers and hands. It wants to be more complicated—but in a cool way.

The watch is called the Qlocktwo W and is made by German outfit Biegert & Funk. Its square grid is filled with 110 letters. At the press of a button, words that describe the time light up in its corresponding locations. Indeed an experience every time you look at it. The watch measures 35 by 35 millimeters and comes with a 24-millimeter leather strap. Available in different finishes such as brushed and polished stainless steel in natural and black. Follow the link below to visit the official product page.


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