Prank Dicks With These Tire, Well, Dicks

The era of slashing tires is now ancient history—apparently. Everyone is all sensitive, and the moment someone gets offended, the whole world cries foul. (Seriously, when did we all become sissies?)

With these tire valve cover dicks, you assure that your target still goes home safely, with that piece of mind that their tire valve still has a cover that will not induce accidents. But, it will surely generate great laughs and tick the victim if you intend to use them as pranks.

Use them on your own car if you’re that type of guy.

Comes as a pack of four (of course). Available in all these colors: black, pink, green, orange, silver, red, blue, white, and even glow-in-the-dark. Made of plastic and fits perfectly on tire valve stems—I believe these standard tire valves are called Schrader valves. The thing is about 2 inches long erect.

Available in a multitude of colors

Starts at $13.99

Even white and glow-in-the-dark!
But of course if there’s white, there should be black!

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