Underground Dog House

Give your furry best friend a very cozy and temperature-consistent shed with the DogEden underground doghouse (I guess that’s pronounced as doggy den). It’s naturally heated and cooled because it’s insulated by the earth itself. It’s basically just one piece so it’s watertight and tough as nails. Water should also not go in because you keep the lowest point of the main entrance about 3 inches above the ground. Of course, the only difficult thing about this is the actual digging of the hole. Other than that, it’s basically a no-frills doghouse.

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We’ve read reviews that creepy crawlies and snakes might take over the inside especially if it’s in a dark, damp place. Some of the reviews recommend placing it in a fenced-in area.

Just make sure to always be aware of what’s inside the dog house if you want to get one. Rain is also a factor as it will definitely flood at the lowest point. So make sure you are prepared for these things.

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