USB Astronaut Light

Getting lost within the vastness of the internet is like, well, getting lost in space, or so they say—they who obviously have not been to outer space. This is all especially true if you’re looking at anything cat-related. Now you can share your sentiments with your own little wandering spaceman. Furthermore, it is he who can guide you towards the light.

Use the handy USB-powered light to guide you in the darkness. The light can be pointed anywhere (towards the keyboard generally works best), and be switched on and off in an instant, just by flicking his visor up or down. The flexible USB lead measures 30 centimeters so there’s plenty of room to maneuver. The little guy measures about 5 centimeters.

Really, this is nothing but a useful and cute astronaut light. If that’s your thing, go ahead and visit the product page for more details.


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