These Wall-Mounted Potty Training Urinals Are Too Cute

Wall-mounted training urinals offer a distinct advantage: you can micro adjust to they height of your little monkey. Whereas regular, toilet-attached potty trainers usually depend on the old stool to get the the wee in its proper trajectory, wall-mounted literally catch most, if not all, of the flow without worrying about making a mess. Of course, the only downside: not being able to train for number 2.

If you don’t think that’s an issue, then check out our list of bestsellers below. Most of these add fun to the deed by including interesting characters and of course, the usual target game. Check out what we mean by browsing below.

Foryee Potty Training Frog

The Foryee Cute Frog is probably the best example for a wall mounted potty training urinal with built-in target. The target is a 3-paddle spinner which makes it very interesting for young boys. It attaches via strong suction cups and the main urinal is easily detached for cleaning. Currently sells for $13.99.

13,000+ mostly-positive ratings on should seal the deal.

Summer Realistic White Urinal

Interesting urinal right here, parents. The Summer My Size urinal mimics the traditional, grown-up’s porcelain urinal which is probably a good idea if you have an older trainee, or if you want to go all in on real world training. It still has a target for aim practice, but probably the best feature of this one is its fake (but) realistic flushing sound. Yes, they actually added that feature.

Click here to check it out.

Floor/Wall Frog Potty Trainer

This next one is a bit more pricey at $49.94 but for good reason. It can stand alone on its own, or mounted to the wall if your toddler grows a bit more. It has that typical, urinal look like the options above except for that added feature. It also has a spinning target aim. Good for 8 months to 4 years old and has a 1.1 liter capacity.

Check it out here.

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