This Wrist Power Bank Lets You Use Your Phone While Charging

The power bank is quite the innovation. The boost of confidence it gives just by the sole thought of having a good two to three more full battery cycles is so practical in today’s on-the-go world. So who would’ve thought that the good, old power bank can still improve function-wise. Enter the wrist power bank. Yes, it is exactly that. A power bank that you wear on your wrist. Why? Because it is a million times easier to use your phone while it is plugged in to the power bank, if you do not need a separate hand to hold it.

wrist power bank
Just look at how comfortable this dude is—using his phone while charging. So brilliant!

Genius, don’t you think? It is exactly the kind of innovation that makes you go, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”.

Okay, so it is basically a big bracelet. It has magnetic wrist straps that can adjust to your wrist, no matter what size. It comes with the usual adapters for almost all of the commonly used charging port types, while at the same time using only 1 cable. Yes, it has an adapter system that is just genius (seriously, again?)

Check out the system for the multiple charging interfaces while using only one cable. Again, brilliant!

Oh, the thing is called OMAX iPower Watch. It is rated at 1500 mAH—not the most powerful, but it should give you a battery extension good enough for the most important situations, depending on the situation, of course. It uses a Li-ion battery just like most, if not all, power banks. And, it also has an IPX4 water resistant rating!

Oh, this will be a common sight soon enough!
Get yours now! Check out the link below for retailers.

Available starting from $24.99 to $29.99.

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