Yoda Bookend Keeps Books from Falling Using the Force

Here’s another take on the animated, falling books-style bookend. Yoda, Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Jedi Almighty, will keep your books from falling, using none other than the metaphysical and ubiquitous power of the Force. Seriously, there’s no better way to keep your books upright, period.

Calling all Star Wars fans who are also book lovers—almost all of them us, I’m guessing. So, about the product. Well, the photo says it all. Of course Yoda is not actually using the Force (spoiler alert) to hold the books together. It just seems that way but there’s actually an angled piece of metal where the books (the first book) lean on. Simply hide the plate by placing it somewhere within the pages of the holder book.

Bookend is available on Amazon.com, as per use, and the original, licensed version is actually made by Hallmark. As in Hallmark the greeting card maker. Big company, which is probably how they got the license. So yeah, buy original. It’s currently priced at $14.39 with 14 pieces left in stock (June 13, 2018).

For use with lightweight books only—written on the product page. Bummer. Made from anti-rust-coated cast iron.

Get yours today! Free shipping with a minimum purchase. And finally, may the Force be with you.

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